On 'Crazy Cheap,' Babymorocco Balls on a Budget

British singer, producer and performance artist Babymorocco may not even have “100 racks” to spend on a music video, but he does have more than enough wit, swag and Tesco champagne that dreams are made of. In the visuals for his latest track, “Crazy Cheap” premiering today on PAPER, he reiterates, “She call me cheap/ But that’s my name” over a fidgety beat, hilariously outlining the struggles of lacking cash, from being on universal credit (the UK equivalent of unemployment) to traveling around London via scooter.

“I wrote this song whilst surviving mostly off of universal credit,” he tells PAPER. “‘Crazy Cheap’ is really my admission to how bad things can get. The song and video really are just about trying to make ends meet. We wanted to show how much swag we could achieve by just doing what we could. Iris [Luz, the video director] is a genius. She is someone who creates a whole story from you just by saying something to her.”

The video begins with a sketch, in which Babymorocco attempts to cover the cost of the entire production of the video with a ridiculously low budget. “The part about having only 100 GBP is accurate,” he tells us. “The conversation at the beginning isn’t super fake. It’s just reimagined for a more dramatic effect. Me and Iris really only had 100 in cash to make the video. I had to find other means to get people to do favors. But it’s all down to Iris having a network of super down people.”

When you’re broke, getting attention can make you feel rich.

Despite creating the visuals with a small amount of available cash, Babymorocco still hopes viewers feel “famous” when they watch it. “Most of the time I really do have no money,” he says. “When you’re broke, getting attention can make you feel rich. I am always in debt but I like to be notorious. Eventually, that can lead to some money. So I want them to make them feel famous.”

So, what is Babymorocco investing in next? “I am excited for my next record,” he tells us. “It’s a long record. It’s my best one. It’s exciting for me. If it doesn’t do well I will do reality TV.” We’ll be watching.

Photography: Erika Kamano

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