MisterWives Break the Chaos Cycle

MisterWives‘ new track, “Organized Chaos,” opens with a question: “Do you think you’re the second coming of Jesus Christ?” The rest of the track acts as an answer over distorted guitars and crashing percussion.

“‘Organized Chaos’ was the reckoning of unhealthy patterns that are comfortable,” frontwoman Mandy Lee tells PAPER. “Not because it’s what’s right but because it’s so familiar. This song meets you in the middle of untangling the knowing you have to break out of a dysfunctional loop while still being stuck in it because there’s just enough order to get by. Alchemizing those feelings into a track that is punchy and fearless both sonically and lyrically gives a lot of autonomy over putting those feelings into action.”

Below, Lee tells PAPER how “Organized Chaos” came to be, what it was like to perform the track live for their VEVO video and the art of bringing repressed feelings to the surface.

Tell us about the video for “Organized Chaos.” How did it come to be?

Having the opportunity to do a live VEVO performance is something we’ve always wanted to do! This song was meant to be played live, and the incredible team at VEVO perfectly captured the live energy we want you to experience the song in.

What are you most excited to share with fans next?

The MisterWives: Just For One Night tour kicks off in October, and we are beyond excited to do what we love most with the incredible community that brings these songs to life. In the meantime, Nosebleeds: Encore has a lot of surprises coming your way — 17 to be exact — so stay tuned!

What does this project mean to you? What can we expect from this new era for MisterWives?

“Organized Chaos” is an intentional follow-up, the antidote to our record Nosebleeds, which dug deep and let repressed feelings surface. This project continues to expand that ethos of fully embracing all parts of yourself without shame or fear of being palatable. We hope that’s the takeaway for anyone who listens—the permission not to need permission!

Photography: Megan Clark, Matty Vogel

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